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  • This one is similar to the one above, but has the categories moved around a bit.
  • This is an interesting walk through my personal collection of antique fedoras.
  • It especially helps me when it comes to costuming.
  • Late in the s Stetson instituted a great idea for customer relations.

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Dating mens hats

So, Stetson implemented a way for a man to replace his favorite hat with exactly the same style as his lost or worn out hat. Its most familiar use is in the slinky disco shirts of the s. Follow the arrow and look behind the sweatband for the tags.

And, of course, the name of the hat company and sometimes its address were also on these tags. Finally, would you consider offering a discount to my readers? Larger, taller, matchmaking vault of glass and heavily ornamented brims were present in France and the Papal States.

Dating mens hats

These hats were made from the late s, through the s. How do you store and organise your hats? The tags helped track what hats sold the most and where they were in the manufacturing process. Here are some quick, easy-to-remember tips. If he liked the type of hat he had he could get it replaced with one exactly like it.

Quick Tips for Dating Vintage Here are some quick, easy-to-remember tips. Or any tips on storing or dating vintage hats? Interracial Dating Black Women Dating.

Warner Todd Huston Warner Todd Huston has been writing editorials and news since but started his writing career penning articles about U. This is the inside of the hat. Do you have any tips or advice for buying vintage hats? Other times we know through hat company advertisements that a particular, marked model was only sold during a specific time period.

List of hat styles

Dating mens hats
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It was never used in Germany. This information is always changing as collectors are finding out more and more and newer vintage examples come to light. Some countries that manufacture shoes for export sensibly mark shoes in the size system of the country they are shipping to.

Dating mens hats
  1. Another alternate version of the brown tag same dates as above.
  2. Hats with interior grosgrain ribbons started in the early s.
  3. The following is what collectors know so far about dating a Stetson.
  4. Collectors have the most information on Stetsons but even that is hard to pin down.

It is normally worn as part of Scottish military or civilian Highland dress. Here is another shot of the alternate tag as above from a different hat, only this one is showing how the re-order number would have been printed on the tag. Hem tape generally indicates North American manufacture. Usually has a button centered on top. Similar to a baseball cap, usually with a foam brim and front section and a breathable mesh back section.

The separate re-order tag seemed to appear in a myriad of different versions. These tags had other uses, too. But there were several other types, to. Edwardian titanic era wide hat.

Dating mens hats

This is the overlock or serged finish we still use today on cut fabric edges inside garments. Once made from felted beaver fur. On that tag is a style number, a block number, and a size, etc. Warner Todd Huston is a Chicago based freelance writer. Stetson Hats and the John B.

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Turning down that leather in a rough manner can easily result in the stitching breaking apart of the leather cracking. Widget Ready This right column is widget ready! Finally came an orange version that was a bit more rectangular than the second. For that we are shocked and grateful.

Three-quarter and seven-eighth length sleeves were popular from the late s through the s. Separate Size and Style Tags Here are the separate size and style tags. Warner Todd Huston has been writing editorials and news since but started his writing career penning articles about U. Sometimes associated with livestock slaughter. This is not real common, cougar dating in but it happens.

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International Herald Tribune. Orange tag from to the mid s, fog light hook note the further change in the panel set up. Again it is unknown how long this one was used.

It is either the brownish color of the early tag or the orange color of the later tag surrounded by a plain paper border with accents. It was also a way for Stetson to keep track of what was going on in the factory. How do you go about dating vintage hats?

Said to be based on hats worn by Breton agricultural workers. Follow the arrow and look behind the sweatband for the tags What do they look like? All of us are seeing a reawakening of interest in hats, from the runway to Target, and especially Etsy! Sometimes includes a propeller. Worn by European military officers in the s and, as illustrated, commonly associated with Napoleon.

Headgear has been common throughout the history of humanity, present on some of the very earliest preserved human bodies and art. May be related to the taqiyah. Here is what it looks like when you turn down the leather sweatband. Cloth hat worn by Israeli pioneers and kibbutzniks.

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Then came a second version in orange. Monopoly are often depicted wearing such hats. Inventory tags were quite common throughout the hat-making industry between the late s all the way to the s. So I was cruising Google for some information to help me with a hat project I am working when I came across your page. Loops for hanging found inside the neckline of vintage jackets and blouses are usually of European manufacture.

List of hat styles

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