Dating national steel guitars, national guitars

Unlike country and bluegrass players, most blues players play the resonator guitar in the standard guitar position, with the fretboard facing away from the player. Alamo made many different guitars and amplifiers. This is similar to a Stratocaster's selector switch.

Dating Valco Instruments

Contact the Vintage Guitar Info Guy. Johnson has also produced resonator ukuleles and mandolins. The biscuit has a wooden maple saddle which the strings pass over, world deaf dating site like a conventional acoustic flat top guitar.

National steel guitar

Squareneck tricone models are still sought by some Hawaiian-style players. This made the body even stiffer, but also decreased the size of the body. Inside the book is the real photo, with Sol holding a Dickerson. The very first Fender guitars were lap steel guitars. But vintage Nationals aren't for everyone.

Warped necks and bad neck sets are common, and expensive to repair. The company was started in and purchased in by Sears, Roebuck of Chicago. Single-resonator biscuit also sometimes called National style instruments are also currently produced, and give a different sound again. With a german silver body and a single cone resonator, tcu dating scene these are great guitars.

The Lap Steel Guitar
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They have carried on the National tradition of fine acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars, but have not made electric lap steel guitars. As far as collectibility, the Gibson Ultratone and Century models are two of the fanciest lap steels ever made. This is attributed to their brass, not steel, body material.

  1. They became prized for their distinctive tone, however, and found life with bluegrass music and the blues well after electric amplification solved the problem of inadequate volume.
  2. See this link for information on Eddie Alkire and his ten string steel guitars.
  3. Norman English lap steels are generally made by Valco of Chicago, who also made National, Supro and other brands.
  4. There National-Dobro concentrated on electric instruments and amplification, rather than the resonator guitars for which they were known.
  5. National ukuleles are very collectable.
  6. There are no production numbers for Valco made steels, but the consensus is that many thousands were made.

Traditional bluegrass Czech bluegrass. Vintage Nationals are peculiar, and you have to know what to look for. These instruments incorporate one or more magnetic pickups, and are played via amplification. For each position, there is a tone control next to the switch and a volume control below the pickguard. Both National single and tricone resonators remained conical, hook up with their convex surfaces uppermost.

The two pieces front and back were screwed together with five screws entering from the back and going into blocks of maple glued to the inside of the body. The Model G is the same with gold trim. Which type of resonator you like may depend on what style of music you like.

National Guitars

At first, when they were only making wood body models, and I wasn't very impressed. They have adjustable necks and sound great. The stiffer body forces the vibrations to the resonator instead of being absorbed by the body, hence giving better tone. However, some contemporary players disregard these stereotypes and use resonator guitars in a wide variety of musical contexts.

The resonator guitar is most often played as a lap steel guitar, and the more common square-necked version is limited to this playing position. For the most part, these guitars are inexpensive, low-end models. Bluegrass players tend to use square necks, while blues players tend to prefer round necks. The Model B series was made of Bakelite and had many variations, including up to ten strings. Some modern models are manufactured with both piezoelectric and magnetic pickups.

Flat top postwar models with Gibson bodies have some appeal, primarily due to their Gibson construction. Valco made steel guitars for many other companies, including Montgomery Wards and Sears. As mentioned above, vintage National resonators aren't for everyone. This tailpiece is gold only because the rest of the guitar is gold normally the tailpiece is nickel plated.

Dating national steel guitars
Dating national steel guitars

With a steel body and three resonators, these are great guitars. All have a single resonator, and many are available in either round or square neck. Buying a Vintage National Resophonic. But they sure do look great! The tailpiece as used on all vintage six string National resonator guitars.

  • The fancier nickel plated brass, single cone metalbody instruments such as the Style O don't have as bluesy a tone as the less ornate Duolian.
  • The vibration from the strings goes through the saddle, which in turn vibrates the T-bridge, and then the three cones.
  • The Unofficial Magnatone Archive has some nice photos of their various fine amplifiers.
  • Because there is fairly direct transmission of vibration from the strings to the resonator, the single resonator guitar is the loudest of the resonator guitars.

By the early s, Valco again produced resonator guitars for mail order under the brand name National. Single resonator guitars with a bowl resonator and spider Dobro style are often heard in bluegrass music, while tricone National style instruments are still preferred by many blues players. Clay Harrel's web site has a good discussion of acoustic National guitars. Actually they aren't bad sounding steels if you can turn up the treble on your amp, and some are fairly fancy. This is necessarily a very limited discusssion of lap steel guitar models.

Vintage Nationals

Fiberglass has also been used as a body material, and a marble bodied resonator guitar is commercially available. Many different tunings are used. And the market must also feel they are small details since the demand and price for vintage Nationals has dropped so much. Though the original aim of the resonator was increased volume, some modern instruments incorporate electric pickups and related technology. Other Vintage National Models and their Collectibility.

Dating national steel guitars

Resonator guitar

Rickenbacker's steels changed in the s with the pickups being reconfigured to give a more trebly sound like Fender. Both metal and wooden bodies are often painted, or wooden bodies may be stained or lacquered, metal bodies may be plated or plain. The company produces six-string resonator guitars of all three traditional resonator types, focusing on reproducing the feel and sound of old instruments. Metal bodies may be brass, aluminum or steel.

National String Instrument Corporation

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. To understand the how and why of this, a short history lesson in required. List of bluegrass musicians List of bluegrass bands List of bluegrass mandolinists. More recently, 343 industries matchmaking solid body electric resonator guitars have appeared.

The Alkire Eharp a ten string lap steel was developed by Eddie Alkire around in a search for more harmonic possibilities for the lap steel guitar. If you have any information on their steel guitars, please let me know. But with the December attacks on Pearl Harbor, National's guitar production was ceased by government legislation and its workforce re-trained for War-related manufacturing. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Here is the eHarp player's web site. This has especially been the case for vintage Tricones. The models with a built-into-the-bridge pickup, have a bluesier, twangy sound with more treble. Carvin made Hawaiian guitars in various combinations, but I haven't seen any information on particular model numbers. Woods, who was fifteen years older than Ace, taught him his guitar playing techniques.

And I'm not the only one that feels this way. Apparently Sol Ho'opi'i was an endorser of the Dickerson line. Resonator guitars are popularly used in bluegrass music and in blues. Many use slides or bottlenecks.

Another consideration with Nationals is the number of frets clear of the body. It is available from any good music store or from Gruhn Guitars. In the case of single-cone models, the sound holes are either both circular or both f-shaped, and symmetrical.

Fender also made some student steels under the name White. Most of the ones I see, and assume to be most numerous are the s and s models. Harmony Harmony was at one time the largest American musical instrument manufacturer. The sound has farther to travel to get the cones resonating than with a single resonator guitar. Admittedly, these are small details.

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